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The First Group Has Arrived!

The First Group Has Arrived!

Today I got to meet the first 10 members of this sessions Top Gan Academy. They are so cute!

It’s pretty obvious that San Diego is a whole new world for them, and showing them around makes me that much more excited about being back here. They are excited about the smallest things that I take for granted like palm trees, “big cars”, and an oven. Seriously, they got so excited when we explained to them what an oven was. Camille died laughing when she found out they put the gold fish in the fridge thinking there were real fish in there! I’m sure I’d be just as adorably naive if I were in China, and it makes this job so much more fun with all these cute cultural differences.

Little J brought us some wonderful gifts from china! Mine is a mural crafted 100% by hand and it is unreal! And she got me a special bookmark with an ancient chinese symbol. Camille got delicious rose tea and a beautiful gold comb and mirror set! Really thoughtful and respectful!

Here is a picture of the girls in the car on their way to Mission Beach to “pick up handsome boys” as they told us 😉

So happy they are here! And can’t wait to meet the next group!


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