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A Trip To The Grand Canyon

This trip to the Grand Canyon was amazing!

Being in a natural place so perfect and beautiful, I can’t believe that something like this exists! Being here with my co-workers and friends who became my family in the U.S. was an experience that I’ll never forget.

All the moments, in the Canyon, in the mountains with snow (my first time!), in the car ride having fun singing songs with my friends will be in my memories and in my heart for the rest of my life!

Having this opportunity was something I couldn’t imagine I could do during my period of work. It was so good because we could get to know marvelous places, like this one, during our days off! Having fun, relaxing and recharging our energy to do our job better. Thanks Top Gan Academy!


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Welcome to Top Gan Academy!

Welcome to Top Gan Academy!

Top Gan Academy! Work, Travel, Study, and Intern in the United States! Check out posts by some of our past and current participants as they share their experiences, travels, and memories from the program!