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The First Group Has Arrived!

The First Group Has Arrived!

Today I got to meet the first 10 members of this sessions Top Gan Academy. They are so cute!

It’s pretty obvious that San Diego is a whole new world for them, and showing them around makes me that much more excited about being back here. They are excited about the smallest things that I take for granted like palm trees, “big cars”, and an oven. Seriously, they got so excited when we explained to them what an oven was. Camille died laughing when she found out they put the gold fish in the fridge thinking there were real fish in there! I’m sure I’d be just as adorably naive if I were in China, and it makes this job so much more fun with all these cute cultural differences.

Little J brought us some wonderful gifts from china! Mine is a mural crafted 100% by hand and it is unreal! And she got me a special bookmark with an ancient chinese symbol. Camille got delicious rose tea and a beautiful gold comb and mirror set! Really thoughtful and respectful!

Here is a picture of the girls in the car on their way to Mission Beach to “pick up handsome boys” as they told us 😉

So happy they are here! And can’t wait to meet the next group!


I’m Obsessed With Instagram!

I’m Obsessed With Instagram!

I knew that my i phone would change my life.

The main reason I wanted it was because the pictures turn out so amazing! Little did I know the real magic of this phone lies in the APPS, and I found an App that takes my photography obsession to a whole new level.

At first it felt a little like I was “cheating” by being able to just touch my finger to the screen and have my ordinary photo turn into a quirky beautiful work of art, the kind that people spend time developing in a dark room, or pay hundreds of dollars for a camera that will do the same.

Here I am with my PHONE making art!

Instagram is an artistic community of people sharing pictures from around the globe. And who doesn’t love to look at beautiful pictures? I’m following some pretty amazing photographers, but I can’t help but wonder if they are using their phones too?

Some of their pictures look extremely professional… I have to step it up 😉

So for those of you who follow the Top Gan Academy blog, facebook page, twitter, tumblr, and website; be prepared for a lot of Instagraming from me.

Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I like taking them!

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Fun day in New York City

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A Trip To The Grand Canyon

This trip to the Grand Canyon was amazing!

Being in a natural place so perfect and beautiful, I can’t believe that something like this exists! Being here with my co-workers and friends who became my family in the U.S. was an experience that I’ll never forget.

All the moments, in the Canyon, in the mountains with snow (my first time!), in the car ride having fun singing songs with my friends will be in my memories and in my heart for the rest of my life!

Having this opportunity was something I couldn’t imagine I could do during my period of work. It was so good because we could get to know marvelous places, like this one, during our days off! Having fun, relaxing and recharging our energy to do our job better. Thanks Top Gan Academy!


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Welcome to Top Gan Academy!

Welcome to Top Gan Academy!

Top Gan Academy! Work, Travel, Study, and Intern in the United States! Check out posts by some of our past and current participants as they share their experiences, travels, and memories from the program!